April 28, 2009

Arlen Specter could not be reached for comment

New Evidence Suggests Some Dinosaurs Survived for Half a Million Years After Asteroid Impact

The snarky title to this post aside, which I was unable to resist, dinosaurs are cool.  So if you like dinosaurs, just read the short article.

However, I can't resist taking a pot-shot at the nearly illiterate moron who wrote up the piece.  While it might be mildly amusing (read: mind-numbingly painful) to go through the whole thing and pick apart all the mistakes, this one jumped out at me:

The whole idea that a space rock destroyed the dinosaurs has become controversial in recent years. Many scientists now suspect other factors were involved, from increased volcanic activity to a changing climate. Either way, some 70 percent of life on Earth perished, and an asteroid impact almost surely played a role.

Er, any chance that the increased volcanic activity or a changing climate could have been caused by an asteroid impact?  And really, space rock?  What is this, freaking asteroids for dummies?

I realize that just regurgitating whatever press release this piece is based on would be kind of embarassing, but at least make a little effort when you re-write the damn thing.

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