February 02, 2011

I give up

Most people (like 95%) can't think past their desire to watch some crap on TV or buy some new shiny gadget that will actually complicate, rather than simplify, their lives.  Thinking through the consequences of their actions, especially in time frames that go out years or involve somewhat abstract concepts such as freedom, is something most people simply refuse to do.  And when they do make the attempt, they're almost always focused on useless shit.  I've known this for ages, but I go through periods where I struggle against the obvious.  Inevitably I throw in the towel at some point.  Now is that point.

I'm in pure 'fuck society, I'm going to simply do what's best for me' mode.  So, no more blogging most likely.  I leave all my zero readers with a live video of what's been my theme song for ages:

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