December 27, 2010

Top ten 'top ten lists' I don't give a shit about

It's the time of the year for stupid fucking top 10 lists, which will be compounded by it being the end of a decade.  So here is a meta top ten list, in no particular order and counting up as I don't really give a flying fuck:

  1. Top ten CDs or singles (of whatever passes for music in these days of autotune).
  2. Top ten celebrity hotties (95% of 'em are made of fucking plastic and have a personality and talent to match).
  3. Top ten movies (fuck Hollywood -- I haven't seen the inside of a movie theater in about 7 years).
  4. Top ten blogs (of any type).
  5. Top ten athletes or sports teams (unless it's skiing, and the entire top ten is Lindsey Vonn -- ok, you can throw Tina Maze in there also as she's a model as well as one of the best skiers in the world).  
  6. Top ten anything political (you only need a bottom one for anything political and that's for everything, although I guess Barney Frank might be the top bottom, as it were).
  7. Top ten consumer gadgets (useless crap I don't need).
  8. Top ten anything related to investing (these are either backward looking and useless or forward looking and inevitably wrong).
  9. Top ten anything to do with TV (might as well have a top ten list of ways to give yourself a lobotomy).
  10. Top ten computer games (inevitably 9 shooters for which my reflexes are too old and a token MMORPG grindfest).

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