June 11, 2011

As if I needed another reason

This whole Weiner idiocy is making me very glad I've completely given up on politics, as I can simply point, laugh and move on.  A politician is a fucking scumbag -- gee what a shocker.  That this obvious crap is apparantly worthy of 'flood the zone' coverage isn't surprising, but it's just plain fucking tedious.

With the vast majority of the general populace being barely functioning retards, the only way any politician can get elected is to be either a scumbag or a complete idiot.  One simply can not tell the truth and get elected, thus either politicians don't know the truth or they're lying and/or obfuscating.  While there are those who are obviously idiots (eg. Boxer, McCain), most are utter scum.

I'm at the point where I don't even blame the politicians.  As people are basically begging to be raped by the political / banker class, I say go for it.  Weiner's only crime is getting caught, but at least it has the positive side effect of another circus for the braindead masses to distract them from the rising price of bread.  Whoop-de-fucking-do.

In developments that actually matter, the recent sell-off in the markets has caused my hedge to go significantly positive for the first time.  Until now, the hedge has been a slow leak in my commodities profits, but if we sell off further it will increasingly add to the bottom line.  Of course, as all risk assets are moving roughly together, my basic portfolio will most likely be leaking as the hedge makes money.  This makes the spread between commodities and stocks more important to my strategy as my investments are in commodities but my hedge is in stocks.

In my post from 1/6, I was off on the timing on the debt ceiling thing by about three months, as my breach assumption was about one month early, and I foolishly didn't anticipate the Treasury raiding government  pension funds for cash (if you want to talk about stuff that should actually matter, that's a big one).  However, my wealth preservation strategy was designed to be largely impervious to timing issues, so I'm good to go at this point.

Timing aside, it will be interesting to see if the broader predicitions prove out.  So far, it's looking pretty good.  So, while most of the rest of the American populace is chomping down on Weiner, I'll just keep trying to preserve wealth and prepare for the ever-increasing economic shitstorm.

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